Saturday, September 03, 2011



Coming along nicely, I think.

No.4 :: detail

I am completely enamored of the meditative quality it has acquired, not just from a maker's perspective (the zen of repetitive action) but as an observer too. The stitches run together, thin bands of color always subtly shifting, moving, intricate and simple. From even a short distance it looks like oil paint, maybe, or colored pencil; any medium other than what it is. It's pretty rad, if I do say so myself.

It's nice to be doing art again.


Christina said...

I gotta say, this is pretty freaking fantastic. I love it! Do you just stitch "where the wind takes you", or do you have a set plan when you start putting needle to fabric? (if that makes sense... haha!)

kimberlina said...

definitely meditative! it looks like waves, easy to get lost in there!