Monday, March 12, 2012

As for springtime revival, the discovery of a new produce market helps heaps, too. I left behind a great little one in my old city and had the hardest time finding another here in St. Pete - until Graham's Produce Market, only a few miles away in Kenneth City. Strawberries, rond du Nice zucchini, cucumbers, romaine, asparagus, snap peas, cabbage, mushrooms, cubanelle peppers, broccoli, grape tomatoes, shallots and baby bananas - all for only $22. Take that, overpriced grocery store produce! So we've been eating a lot better, to say the least.

I've just started reading An Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler and even only a few chapters in, I adore it. It is not so much food memoir as food philosophy, and it's one I've held in my heart for a long time: it is more than possible to eat (and live) very well for very little, it only takes mindfulness and a little know-how. I must be mindful about it again. It's not hard, really, and it's so good for me, body and soul.

Spring is always good for reminding me of these things.

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